About Us

 The idea for The Skinny Experts started in 2011 after a back injury. I started researching Microcurrent as an alternative to surgery, I learned about Microcurrent in the sports medicine field in addition to its many other medical uses, then I learned about its anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits. As I continued to study Microcurrent it led me to research other types of energy being used for healing, anti-aging and fat reduction. This is when I became interested in Lipo (Ultrasonic) Cavitation and Radio Frequency.

I spent a year and a half researching, learning, making contacts in the field, testing equipment, performing treatments and tracking results on friends, family and myself. (I had tried many anti-aging, rejuvenation and slimming treatments with amazing claims over the years. In most cases I saw little to no results, ended up disappointed and feeling as if I had wasted a lot of money- but in this case I knew Lipo Cavitation & Radio Frequency worked!) After proving to myself the treatments worked and the results were permanent I decided this was something I wanted to bring to people at an affordable price.

At that time I was in my late 40's. I had always been active, fit and healthy but after the back injury I felt overwhelmed by the time, effort and hard work it would take to get back in shape. Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency were the perfect answer to getting myself back in shape fast without risk of future back injury.

I know there are many people in the same situation. Whether you have a bad back, knee problems (any physical condition that limits exercise and activity), hormonal changes or just lack of time due to a hectic schedule everyone will see improvement. Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency will give you an advantage to get started and keep you motivated, add the treatments to your current routine to boost your results or level the playing field if you're fighting hormonal weight gain. If you have whole body concerns, one problem area, sagging skin or cellulite to smooth Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency will give you results!

We opened our first location in 2013, within 2 months we had more business than we could accommodate. After 5 years in business we continue to stay heavily booked with our slowest months of the year averaging a 3 week wait to our busiest months being between 6 - 12 weeks wait to get an appointment. Over the last few years we have trained other salons and spas to add our services to their business but still are unable to accommodate everyone who would like an appointment for our services. We are truly thankful for our success but always regret being unable to help those who call wanting our services because of our busy schedule. We hate disappointing people, especially when they have a special event to attend, this is why we decided to have a line of home use equipment.

Our decision to have our own equipment manufactured for home use means we are also sharing the knowledge we have gained from almost 7 years of research and experience including five years in business and real hands on experience with our thousands of clients.

We believe health and happiness go hand in hand and wish everyone the best in reaching their personal goals!

Melissa Barkley

Founder The Skinny & The Skinny Experts